What is The Wedding Sweet?

The Wedding Sweet is the best way to manage your wedding details!

The Wedding Sweet helps keep your wedding organized. It is a web-based wedding planning and organizing software designed to manage your wedding information.

Get started with The Wedding Sweet to help organize all the details for your wedding. No download, no monthly contracts and no advertisements in your wedding plans!

Keep It Together

Don't stress on your big day. The Wedding Sweet makes keeping track of all your wedding details fun!

There is so much to keep track of and organize. Guests, flowers, the ceremony and reception, on your wedding day there is just so much to do. Be prepared. Have everything you need in one place ready to go so all you need to do is enjoy the day.

Spreadsheets, email and pieces of paper are no way to plan a wedding. If you are looking for a fun, easy way to manage your wedding, The Wedding Sweet is it. Keep it together with The Wedding Sweet.

You can access all your information anywhere. The Wedding Sweet can be used to share precious moments with family and friends through a fun, easy to use, web-based wedding planning and organizing software. Track all your important details and keep in touch with family and friends near and far about your special day.

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The Wedding Sweet